The Vibe Tribe Workshop

The Vibe Tribe Workshop

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The Vibe Tribe is a safe space for women who are committed to growth, personal development and levelling up their lives. It’s for women who want to create the life of their dreams and be surrounded by like minded women who want to do the same. If this sounds like you keep reading gf!

Everything you need to know...

The Vibe Tribe workshop will run for 3 weeks for approx 2 hours per session, we have the option of in person (Wyndham Vale Melbourne), Online Live or Pre recorded. See next workshop dates at the bottom of the page.

In Week 1 we will cover mindset - something that has held me back in the past and working on it was literally the difference between me having a side hustle and going full time in my biz. I share with you the main factors that helped me make this radical change.

Week 2 we cover goal setting, this is where we create the life of our dreams and put it on paper. No goal is too big and in fact, we welcome big huge "scary" goals! We are here to do so much more and getting clear and writing your goals down is the first step.

Week 3 we reflect, how are we doing, what’s holding us back and what solutions can we find to any problems that may arise. How can we support ourselves and each other moving forward so this isn’t just another “personal development” course you do and then take no action when it’s done.

PS: It’s never done! We will always be learning and growing so you will have the option to be added to a Facebook group where we stay connected and supported and even organise some social gatherings. (Beach walks, cute coffee dates, bottomless brunches, zoom catch up calls, etc must I say more lol)

Finally, I just want to say that I know women like us CRAAAAVE for these types of spaces so please if you feel called to, now is the time to take action and invest in yourself!! 
If you are still unsure and have questions please read the reviews below or email me -
Next workshop in person dates:
Next workshop online dates:
2/8/22, 9/8/22 and 16/8/22 it is a 3 week workshop so please make sure you are available for all three days from 6-8pm (AEST)
If you choose the pre recorded option you will receive an email with the recordings within 24 hours of purchase.
Please note : The Vibe Tribe Workshop is non refundable, if you miss/can't make a in person or online live session you will be sent the pre recording of that session.

Customer Reviews

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Ashlie Skudder
🔥🔥🔥 Level Up!!!

The Vibe Tribe helped me slow down and reassess everything. I've learnt to strengthen my mindset and set achievable goals and routines. Elisha is a great facilitator and holds safe and supportive spaces for women to work on their growth. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for opportunities to work on their growth to consider doing The Vibe Tribe x


There’s something so special about sharing a safe and supportive space with likeminded people. We delved deep, laughed hard, explored without limits and hyped each other the entire way through.

Elisha curated such a unique, warm and welcoming workshop. She is absolutely amazing. You will walk away feeling so focused and empowered.

INVEST in yourself, you will not be disappointed xOxO

Rikkaey Cooper
A great step into growth in all aspects of life

What a beautiful empowering experience it has been. I can’t explain enough how amazing it was to be apart of a group of like minded women in such a safe environment and to be able to confidently share your thoughts, your goals, your dreams & aspirations. I leave Te iwi a ranga wairua “The vibe tribe” With a sense of direction, so much clarity, a lifetime worth of knowledge and so much confidence in who I am as a person and what I can bring to the table and that’s something you can’t put a price on.
This has been the best investment for myself and I truely couldn’t recommend this workshop enough to others, You need to experience it yourself to understand the love, the empowerment and the strive that comes from this work shop.

Eye Opener

It’s honestly something you need to experience for yourself.
If you need clarity, direction and/or some inspiration, this is for you!
Women supporting women to just do and be better, loved it.

Life changing

I know it sounds cliche but this workshop really is life changing! -on the condition you’re willing to let it change your life! Im honestly so impressed with everything! the delivery, the content and the overall atmosphere! I would recommend this workshop especially if you’re at a crossroads in your life and wanting that extra push forward or want to change your mindset overall.