About Us

My name is Elisha Tamasi and im the owner of So Extra.

Im Niuean/Maori - born in NZ but i’ve been in Melbourne over 4 years.

I started So Extra after I lost my dream job as a International Flight Attendant - I was broke & decided I never wanted to rely on someone else for a paycheck ever again.

So Extra comes from the slang term “to be over the top”, growing up I was very much that but after going through life and losing my dream job I felt like I also lost myself - I dimmed my light and stopped showing up in the world so you could say So Extra is like the rebirth of me.

Our philosophy is to ‘stand out from the crowd and express yourself in your own unique way’ and that’s exactly what we do externally with our Sunnies. But we are more than that- I document my journey, the success, the struggles and share with you the mindset work I do as well.

So Extra started off as a side hustle in the hopes to make it my main income and in Nov 2020 I managed to do that 🥳

I’ve also just recently hired my beautiful supportive tāne Mets casually, who helps me with everything So Extra when I need🥰

That’s just a little bit about me but if you would like to connect we welcome you to join us on our journey...
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Elisha aka Leesh Xx